2.4.1 Release: Open market URL’s in the browser

We just released a new update that included fixes for a couple of known issues:

Also, we just launched a feature that enables you to open a market in a browser. Simply click this icon to copy the URL:

Copy market url.png

Then send it to other traders and they will be able to open any Tradedash market from the browser:

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 2.04.02 PM.png

Server upgrade completed

We’ve successfully migrated to a new hosting solution, thank you for your patience. The main driver behind this change is because our previous provider had continuous downtimes, and we needed a more reliable solution to best serve our users.

With this upgrade, you will also notice a few changes in the application:

  1. You can now copy a URL to any market and share with other people. The URL will open Tradedash and the appropriate market as needed.
  2. USDC, USDS, PAX and other stable coins now show up in balances.
  3. News is no longer available. Our news collection service wasn’t our strongest side, and it’s rarely used by our users. We will be sad to see our TouchBar feature go.
  4. Chart drawings are deleted as they are now versioned with the latest version of TradingView. We’ve had a high report of issues since the upgrade from TV 1.12 to 1.13, and took this measure to avoid future issues.

It may take a few hours for our new DNS records to propagate. That means that you may be unable to sign in depending on where in the world you live. Please allow for up to ~24 hours.

Thank you.

Planned technology upgrade

As part of improving our technology, we will be performing a planned server upgrade. You may notice minor disruption starting starting May 1st, 3 am (03:00) UTC. This will be followed by Tradedash being unavailable starting May 1st, 3 pm (15:00) UTC and up to 6 hours forward.

We apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause. Please trade directly through https://bittrex.com and https://binance.com during this time window.

Thank you for your patience.

Bittrex Technology Update

On Wednesday, February 27, Bittrex will be performing a planned technology update. Bittrex will be updating its entire trading engine and there is some scheduled downtime.


What does this mean for Tradedash users?

  • You can expect the Bittrex markets to be offline for about 3 hours which means all trading will be suspended and Tradedash may be unavailable.
  • Bittrex wallets will remain offline for about 24 hours, this means no withdraws or deposits during this time.
  • All partially filled orders will be canceled at this time but open orders will remain on the books.

For full details on this upgrade please refer to Bittrex’s official announcement 

2.3.2 Release: Quicker charts, default templates, custom chart styles and more

Some users change markets as often as 20 times per minute. Therefore, we set out a goal to have charts load in less than 1 second at any given time. By creating an on-device storage for your chart drawings coupled with other improvements, we’ve cut down the load time by 50-90%. Any chart that has been loaded in the last 2 minutes will load again almost instantly.

Opening charts

Charts now load faster and more reliably. How fast they load depends on how close you are to Bittrex or Binance’s servers. They are hosted on Microsoft and Amazon servers respectively with a global reach. Everything else happens on your computer for optimal performance.

Chart styles and default templates

Customize your charts and create templates that are applied to all your existing and new markets automatically.

Favorite tools and timeframes

Save timeframes and tools as favorites for quicker access. The favorite toolbar is also available in chart full-screen mode.

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 10.14.57 AM.png

Dragging orders change the quantity, not total

Although this is a small change, it’s one worthy to call out. We now change the quantity, not total, when moving order markers on the chart. This has been a common request since we added the ability to enter an order in total.

Simpler default with advanced options available

We’ve added a lot of layout options, and while they all have a purpose we want to keep the default trading experience simpler. That is why we will be hiding vertical order books and the list of the markets by default. You can always add them in the drop-down menu as illustrated below.

Tradedash 2.3.2 release.png


Full release notes

  • New: On-device storage for charts (faster chart loading). Syncs with our servers for cross-device usage
  • New: Chart style preferences saved and applied on all charts
  • New: Default templates! Can be set in the template menu and when creating a new template
  • New: Add timeframes and tools to favorites on charts
  • New: Favorite tools toolbar visible in chart full-screen mode
  • New: More granular options to delete data if chart drawings are broken
  • Changed: Simplified default layout options. The vertical book and market list still available to set as visible
  • Improved: Dragging order markers on the chart now adjusts quantity, not total
  • Improved: Chart reliability and load speed
  • Improved: Order markers on charts display more reliably
  • Improved: Decreased load speed for the list of markets on + screen
  • Fixed: Save state of multiple windows on quit and restart
  • Fixed: Ask price visualization on the chart to show the correct price
  • Fixed: Panning backward was showing gaps in candles due to Binance changes
  • Fixed: Removed technical race conditions causing the chart to freeze on slower internet connections
  • Fixed: Notifications settings bug where settings were not changing


Download the latest version of Tradedash here

Our links

As always, you can download Tradedash by visiting our website and get in touch with us via Discord or Telegram in case you have any questions.

Happy Trading!

2.3.1 Release: Rearrange markets, improved wallet estimates and simplified order components

We’ve focused on a few key improvements based on feedback from our previously very large update. Here are a couple of highlights.

Tradedash 2.3.1 Binance ADA ETH.png

Drag and drop to rearrange markets

It’s important for traders to have a flexible dashboard that can be arranged for their needs. In addition to supporting unlimited open windows and custom layouts, traders can now arrange markets in their preferred order.

Tradedash moving markets.gif

Accurate wallet estimates and faster order placement

We’ve invested in simplifying order placement while we introduce more complex order types. In the following example, you can see how wallet data is accurately represented even when converted to other currencies. The example also highlights a flexible locking mechanism that allows you to dynamically adjust values directly from the chart or input fields.

Tradedash wallet estimations.gif

There are a lot of new features in the last couple of releases. Stay in touch and let us know how they work for you.

Full release notes

  • New: Drag and drop to rearrange markets on left side
  • New: Choose how many rows per order book. “Auto” is optimal for good performance.
  • New: Combined old size picker with new to keep buttons and input as a slider
  • Improved: Refined logic for size pickers (in %) for orders types for better accuracy
  • Improved: Simplified size pickers for total and size
  • Improved: Can now type 0’s in order inputs
  • Improved: Added case to recover from lost user data from Binance
  • Improved: Auto update cleanup methods to ensure updates can’t freeze windows
  • Improved: Changed arrows for nudging price, size and total to use minimum possible values for its market
  • Fixed: Linux saving window configurations on quit
  • Fixed: Price data on partially filled orders that become filled orders are now correctly updated

Download the latest version of Tradedash here

Our links

As always, you can download Tradedash by visiting our website and get in touch with us via Discord or Telegram in case you have any questions.

Happy Trading!

2.3.0 Release: Vertical order books, scaled ladders, custom sounds and more

We exchange thousands of messages with users every month. Primarily because Tradedash is for its users, so it only makes sense for our users to steer the direction of the product. We compile all requests, prioritize and execute. This update was largely based on users request. Here are some highlights.

Tradedash 2.3.0 release.png

Market page layout

No size fits all traders. That’s why we’ve made the market window more dynamic. You can choose between vertical or horizontal order books, show and hide columns, and see orders and holdings of other currencies and markets directly in the market window.

Order books

Tradedash 2.3.0 orderbooks


Vertical order books have been a long time request from our users. In addition, we’ve now synced the background colors for size across the books, added last price, spread, individual book pagination, and improved its performance.

If you prefer the traditional style of horizontal order books, simply hide the rightmost column in the market.


Order placement

We’ve revamped our order placement system to scale better towards future order types. This update included a lot of immediate improvements such as the ability to place orders in by specifying the total in the markets base currency.

Also, ladder trades can now be scaled both on quantity and trade size. Choose between 21 different combinations.


Custom sounds and alerts

Tradedash 2.3.0 alerts.png

There are many visual cues on screen at all time; shapes, colors, movement etc. Sometimes, we have the opportunity to utilize other senses such as sound.

Orders and alerts now have different sounds by default. Additionally, orders placed via the chart using >= or <= conditions have different sounds to indicate movement up or down.

You are now able to attach one of 10 custom sounds and add a 100 character note to any alert. As we support unlimited price alerts, this will help you act faster as they trigger.

Special thanks to Terje for producing these sounds for Tradedash. Also, thanks to our long-term supporter Mofef for introducing us to Terje!


Full release notes

Market layout

  • New: Choose vertical or horizontal order books
  • New: Expand a hidden market list by clicking the market name in the upper left corner of the window
  • New: See open orders from all markets, or just current market, directly in the market window
  • New: See closed orders from all markets (if you’ve opened them previously), or just the current market, directly in the market window
  • New: Select orders directly in the market window to see info such as average prices and sizes
  • New: See all wallets directly in the market window
  • Removed: Open orders widget on the right side of the market

Order books

  • New: Order books displayed vertically by default (horizontal still available)
  • New: Order books are paginated per side
  • New: Order books row backgrounds are synced based on the size of both bid and ask synced up to the page the user navigates to
  • New: Order books number of rows dynamic to the height of the application
  • New: See the last price in large and spread in vertical order books
  • Improved: Performance of order books


  • New: Default alert sound and default order event sounds are now different


  • New: Choose between 10 custom sounds per alert
  • New: Add a note with up to 100 characters per alert
  • New: We automatically assign a different sound for alerts of >= vs. <= created via the chart


  • New: Place orders by base currency (total)
  • New: Enter any % for total or size to define exactly how much you want to trade with
  • New: “Skip confirmation screen” (be warned!)
  • New: “Clear values after placed order”
  • New: Change values in inputs by clicking arrows up and down to nudge price or %
  • New: Explicit unlock icon for % scales. Unlock to change values
  • New: Choose ladder scale for the price between 7 options
  • New: Choose ladder scale for the quantity between 3 options
  • New: Can now choose quantity by % for buy side of market orders
  • Changed: Ladder – Price A does not have to be higher than price B
  • Changed: Under-laying order system for placing orders


  • New: Right click for copy paste added
  • New: Paste buttons added next to exchange API key inputs
  • Fixed: Open markets are now remembered if quitting TD while in the tray (Windows)

Our links

As always, you can download Tradedash by visiting our website and get in touch with us via Discord or Telegram in case you have any questions.

Happy Trading!

2.2.0 Release: Interactive chart markers, notifications, search and more


Confidence while trading is important. Being able to see your alerts, orders, historical trades on the chart gives clarity. Also, managing them directly on the chart provides efficiency on a different level. Here is an overview of some highlighted new features:


Chart markers

Orders & alerts

You can now see drafted, open and closed orders directly on the chart. Interact directly with the markers to change them by drag and drop, play/pause alerts etc. Many of the actions have useful shortcuts through the chart context menu as well (see the video for more details).

Tradedash interactive chart markers

Chart view preferences

Choose which markers and information you want visible on the chart. You can do so through the chart view preferences or in the right-click menu. View preferences are set per window so you can optimize each chart layout to best fit your needs.Tradedash chart preferences

Notification preferences

We’ve added more controls to your notifications. Control in-app notifications, desktop notifications, and sounds for different events. Your preferences are stored per device so you can choose different set-ups for different environments.

Tradedash notification preferences

Improved search

As more and more users are coming to us from different exchanges, we quickly realized that everyone has different search habits. That’s why we improved search mechanisms throughout the application to accept more dynamic input such as:

  • usdt-btc
  • usdtbtc
  • btcusdt
  • btc, usdt,
  • btc usdt

Tradedash improved search

Full release notes

This release was packed with new features. Below is a detailed list of whats included.

  • Added historical trades on chart (arrows)
  • Added historical trades on chart (prices and average prices by candle)
  • Added open orders to chart
  • Added ability to cancel open orders on chart
  • Added drafted limit orders to chart
  • Added drafted ladder orders to chart
  • Added drafted market orders to chart
  • Added drafted stop limit orders to chart
  • Added ability to adjust limit orders on chart
  • Added ability to adjust ladder order on chart
  • Added ability to adjust stop limit on chart
  • Added active alerts to chart
  • Added inactive alerts to chart
  • Added ability to change alerts on chart
  • Added ability to pause/play alerts on chart
  • Added view preferences for chart
  • Added notification preferences
  • Added highlighted background on the selected market in the sidebar
  • Added limit to 95 characters of template names to avoid hitting storage limit
  • Added encrypted notification preference settings on disk (encryption is not for security, its to know if the file has been corrupt)
  • Changed BE limit for template names from 15 to 100 characters
  • Changed settings page layout for easier navigation (a bit random though)
  • Changed portfolio tab to line up by base market
  • Changed to agg. trades for Binance for improved performance in high volume markets
  • Changed method of playing sounds for notifications for better cross-OS consistency
  • Changed header dropdowns to be on click instead of on hover
  • Changed auto update cleanup method to make sure saved layouts are only nuked once on update (sorry, we are still in beta)
  • Changed search criteria method. You can now search (ethbtc, btceth, etc-btc, btc-eth etc.)
  • Cleaned up versions of dependencies
  • Changed market layout for bottom drawer to include fills
  • Changed chart update timer to 500ms from 800ms
  • Changed to Bittrex production servers from beta servers (CF risk, connectivity reliability in Bittrex’s hands)
  • Fixed 900/901 pixel height responsive issue where some components showed twice
  • Fixed order highlighting for low priced markets on Bittrex (float issue)
  • Fixed scroll position issue on the portfolio page


Our links

As always, you can download Tradedash by visiting our website and get in touch with us via Discord or Telegram in case you have any questions.

Happy Trading!

New release: Alerts, Stop-limit, Market orders, new Bittrex integration and more.

A growing user-base and community have given us a clear picture of what’s critical for a diverse set of trading workflows. We have a lot planned for the future, and just launched a big set of new features and improvements based on user input.

Here’s a list of some of the features we just added:

  • Real-time unlimited market alerts
  • Stop-limit / Take profit orders (Binance only)
  • Market orders (Binance only)
  • Integrated with the new Bittrex API‘s. Faster and more reliable
  • Price picker to quickly get prices from charts and order-books
  • Quick-lookup of markets when trading for switching markets
  • Open orders widget for high volume traders
  • Notification center for unread alerts and orders
  • Share snapshots directly to Twitter or Facebook
  • Various UX improvements such as a simpler navigation model and shortcuts

Let’s look at some new features in more detail.



When trading, real-time alerts are important whether if you enjoy trading on multiple markets at once or look away from the charts at times.

The alerts run much like a bot would, on your machine with real-time data directly from the exchange. No website or offline alert system would be comparable.

Alerts in the market
Create, manage and view your alerts directly in the market window. This is useful for quickly setting new alerts. Use the price picker to get prices from the chart or order-books.


Manage alerts
Sometimes you have to review all of your alerts in more detail. Create, manage and view them through your profile.


You can create alerts for:

  • Last price
  • 24-hour volume
  • 24-hour change
  • Spread

Also, you can create as many alerts as you want for free (at least for now). Although running 100s may impact performance.




We support desktop notifications for Windows, Mac, and soon for Linux. They work for the most important notifications; successful orders and alerts. But there are other events that are useful to know of, and sometimes you step away from the computer. So we added a notification center.

You can see all your previous notifications since you started trading, and it will call out the new ones. This includes placed orders, canceled orders, successful orders, price alerts and more.



Stop-limit / take-profit & market orders

I’m happy to say one of our most requested features is now available. Binance only for now.


New Bittrex API integration

Bittrex recently released some long-awaited improvements to their APIs. We no longer have to poll for user data every 15 seconds but instead get it live streamed from their sockets. Also, they improved access to existing sockets so loading charts, holdings and placing orders is now lightning fast.


Price picker

Tired of writing order prices? We just released a feature that is part of our efforts to making order placement as seamless and fast as possible. This particular approach is interesting as we have many price fields. For instance, if you want to place 10 orders and set a price alert in seconds, you can. Check this out:

640 standard.gif

That’s some highlights for now. If you haven’t had a chance to get Tradedash download it here: https://tradedash.io/download-tradedash

Website: https://tradedash.io
Discord: https://discord.gg/q9VxQ85
Telegram: https://t.me/tradedash
Email: contact@tradedash.io

Thanks for reading,

How to sync your computer’s clock with Binance

As always, get the latest version of Tradedash from our website.

As of late a lot of our users have been asking us about the Binance related clock-sync issues. You may have seen a message similar to this:

There’s an issue syncing your clock with Binance, please contact Tradedash

This guide is intended to explain how clock sync works and how you can sync your computer’s clock.

Technical details

Being a desktop software that connects directly to the exchanges, Tradedash needs to utilize the public APIs available for said exchanges. Binance, in particular, has a restriction on the user’s computer clock. What that means is that both the exchange’s internal clock and the user’s computer clock must be somewhat in sync. Clocks generally drift apart for a myriad of reasons which leads to the following scenario:

Untitled Diagram

In Binance’s case this leads to the following API error:

Timestamp for this request was 1000ms ahead of the server’s time

In order to account for any disparity between clocks, we do some internal calculations that help reduce the frequency at which this kind of error may occur. However, a deterministic solution is extremely difficult to create as the combination of latency, geographical regions, OS version, etc. all play a role in this issue.

Fortunately, there is a way to fix it. It requires you as a user to make sure that your machine’s clock is properly synced with an online time server. Below is a quick tutorial on how to set it up.

Syncing your clock on Windows:

1. Go to the Control Panel

2. Search for and click on Date and Time

3. Select the Internet Time tab

4. Click on Change Settings

5. A small window will popup. Check the tickbox and change the time server in the drop down from time.windows.com to time-a.nist.gov as shown in the screenshot below.

In some cases, NIST won’t work for you as your latency might be too high. If that happens and you still can’t get in sync, you should try a different server as that might work better for your particular region.

Click on Update now and restart your machine. Everything should now work!


Syncing your clock on MacOS:

1. Go to System Preferences

2. Click Date & Time

3. Enable changing your preferences in the bottom left corner: “Click the lock to make changes” and then enter your password

4. Make sure “Set date and time automatically” is checked

5. If it still does not work, you can try different regions in the drop-down.

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 9.55.59 PM.png

Download Tradedash

Get the latest version here: https://tradedash.io/download-tradedash