How to connect Tradedash to Bittrex


Connecting Tradedash to Bittrex may seem a little complicated at first, but it’s actually a really ease one time thing and we’ll walk you through it right here.

What we will cover in this tutorial:

  • How to generate the information we need from Bittrex (API key and secret)
  • How to add that information into Tradedash

Already know how to get a Bittrex API key and secret? That’s all you need, when you sign up or log in to Tradedash for the first time, we will prompt you to add that information.

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Here’s a list of the things that you’ll need:

Getting the information needed from Bittrex

I. What is an API key and secret?

An API key is a piece of cryptographic information that will enable Tradedash to do things in Bittrex on your behalf (ex. getting your account balance or placing orders). Once you’ve entered this information, you won’t even need to sign in to Bittrex anymore unless you want to.

II. How do we protect your Bittrex information?

We use standardized AES encryption to store your API keys safely on your own local machine. The only way to get to it is with your password. This means that we cannot access it without your permission.

1. Let’s get started – Sign in to Bittrex

Sign in to Bittrex


2. Open settings

Open the settings page from the upper right corner.


3. Enable 2 factor authentication

(If you already have 2FA set up, skip to step 4)

Bittrex requires you to have 2 factor authentication enabled in order to generate API key’s. This enhances the security of your account. Here is Bittrex’s own guide on how to enable this, both on web and mobile.



4. Add a new API key

Navigate to the API settings page and click “Add New Key”.



5. Turn on the permissions

Add permissions to your API key. You don’t need to add withdraw permissions for now, we don’t provide any services that require this permission.



6. Add your 2FA key

Open your Authenticator application (that you installed in step 3) and add the 6 digit code, and click “Update Keys”



7. Save your information or keep the page open

This is the information you need to copy and paste into Tradedash. Don’t refresh the page as the secret will only be visible once.



8. Open up Tradedash

Open and sign into Tradedash.



9. Enter your Key and Secret

This is where you copy and paste your API information. We will encrypt it and store it on your computer.



10. Done!

You’re now signed in to Tradedash and it’s ready to use. Here’s some quick preferences you may want to change before getting started. If you have any feedback on this guide, the product or a general question feel free to email us using


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  1. How come that Tradedash doesn’t accept my copy-paste of my keys? I do can copy-paste them to Word but not to Tradedash. And when I type them manually into Tradedash allways gives an error…

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