Tradedash launches live exchange data and discovery

And with live data and new features, Tradedash is available for download here:

Tradedash Markets


The idea of Tradedash always stemmed from frustrations with existing tools. We wanted to be able to trade a larger set of cryptocurrencies while using a product that has the right information and trading tools. I believe our market app is a great example of just that.

  • Ask, bid and fill data from the exchange. The client connects directly to Bittrex ensuring that latency is on par with the exchange itself.
  • A quick search and details panel to the left for switching markets, as well as relevant market and user portfolio data.
  • Graphing with important indicators. While we are working on adding more indicators, we added the ones we saw as most important first including RSI.
  • Limit trades with a way to quickly toggle the amount between 20%, 50%, and 100%.
  • Ladder limit trades. I’m particularly excited about this one as I use it all the time. It enables you to place a set of limit trades between two price points.
  • etc.

We also have some concepts around drafting orders and more, but let’s elaborate on that another time.


Order management


One of the most difficult things to know when you’re trading is your actual earnings. Sure, Bittrex allows you to download your trades as a CSV, but that launches into a tedious workflow in order to extract any actual value. That’s why we built the order management window, with features including:

  • Selecting multiple orders, both drafts, open, and closed orders and get a breakdown of averages, balances and more.
  • Select all, or search for specific markets to filter the results.
  • Quickly cancel actions from any market without having to dig into the market itself

This app has a ton of potential, and we look forward to hearing how you’d like to see it evolve.




Sometimes you need new trade opportunities, and volume charts alone are not that interesting. That’s why we added Discovery where you can browse markets and see indicators based on timeframe such as:

  • Last price
  • EMA 12
  • EMA 26
  • MOM 10
  • RSI 14
  • % change
  • 24h Volume

In addition, we also added prominent news sources in the crypto space. Again an area with huge potential. So far, we’ve included news from:


Moving forward

We will continue to improve the application and add more features. As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts so don’t hesitate to reach out. There’s a lot more to this update and we hope you check it out.

Linus Petren

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  1. Speaking of indicators – I would LOVE it if you could add myfye13’s “Multiple Moving Averages using only 1 indicator!” indicator

  2. hello I contact you to know if you go add the pivot point indicator because I work a lot with this indicator thank you

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