This week has been very interesting. We moved into an important phase where we now have active users on the platform, and everything can no longer be about development. Thankfully, we’ve been able to speak to many users and gather tons of feedback. We have about 40 thematic backlog items, ranging all the way from power-user features to quick wins.

Last release

Since last week, we’ve pushed 3 updates. The most recent update’s main feature includes sortable markets by summary data and indicators.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 7.33.45 PM.png

You can now sort all Bittrex markets based on indicators, timeframes, favorites, recent ones and search for specific markets.

Search for all markets with a certain base market:
base markets.png

Search for specific markets only:
specific markets.png

Recent orders let you filter on markets that you have open orders in, or closed orders within the last 30 days:

Toggle sort direction by clicking a table header twice:

Available indicators and data points to sort by are:

  • Market name
  • % Change
  • Last price
  • EMA 12
  • EMA 26
  • MOM 10
  • RSI 14
  • 24-hour change
  • 24-hour high
  • 24-hour low
  • 24-hour spread
  • 24-hour base volume
  • 24-hour volume

We also made some updates to the market window to make it easier to trade when markets are moving at high speed.

Moving forward

We will continue to make incremental updates to the product. However, the feedback from our users is pretty clear. People want better charting tools and more exchanges. We have evaluated how much work it will take and are actively working on both initiatives. Stay tuned!

For more, download and try Tradedash today:

Linus Petren

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