New release: Alerts, Stop-limit, Market orders, new Bittrex integration and more.

A growing user-base and community have given us a clear picture of what’s critical for a diverse set of trading workflows. We have a lot planned for the future, and just launched a big set of new features and improvements based on user input.

Here’s a list of some of the features we just added:

  • Real-time unlimited market alerts
  • Stop-limit / Take profit orders (Binance only)
  • Market orders (Binance only)
  • Integrated with the new Bittrex API‘s. Faster and more reliable
  • Price picker to quickly get prices from charts and order-books
  • Quick-lookup of markets when trading for switching markets
  • Open orders widget for high volume traders
  • Notification center for unread alerts and orders
  • Share snapshots directly to Twitter or Facebook
  • Various UX improvements such as a simpler navigation model and shortcuts

Let’s look at some new features in more detail.



When trading, real-time alerts are important whether if you enjoy trading on multiple markets at once or look away from the charts at times.

The alerts run much like a bot would, on your machine with real-time data directly from the exchange. No website or offline alert system would be comparable.

Alerts in the market
Create, manage and view your alerts directly in the market window. This is useful for quickly setting new alerts. Use the price picker to get prices from the chart or order-books.


Manage alerts
Sometimes you have to review all of your alerts in more detail. Create, manage and view them through your profile.


You can create alerts for:

  • Last price
  • 24-hour volume
  • 24-hour change
  • Spread

Also, you can create as many alerts as you want for free (at least for now). Although running 100s may impact performance.




We support desktop notifications for Windows, Mac, and soon for Linux. They work for the most important notifications; successful orders and alerts. But there are other events that are useful to know of, and sometimes you step away from the computer. So we added a notification center.

You can see all your previous notifications since you started trading, and it will call out the new ones. This includes placed orders, canceled orders, successful orders, price alerts and more.



Stop-limit / take-profit & market orders

I’m happy to say one of our most requested features is now available. Binance only for now.


New Bittrex API integration

Bittrex recently released some long-awaited improvements to their APIs. We no longer have to poll for user data every 15 seconds but instead get it live streamed from their sockets. Also, they improved access to existing sockets so loading charts, holdings and placing orders is now lightning fast.


Price picker

Tired of writing order prices? We just released a feature that is part of our efforts to making order placement as seamless and fast as possible. This particular approach is interesting as we have many price fields. For instance, if you want to place 10 orders and set a price alert in seconds, you can. Check this out:

640 standard.gif

That’s some highlights for now. If you haven’t had a chance to get Tradedash download it here:


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