2.2.0 Release: Interactive chart markers, notifications, search and more


Confidence while trading is important. Being able to see your alerts, orders, historical trades on the chart gives clarity. Also, managing them directly on the chart provides efficiency on a different level. Here is an overview of some highlighted new features:


Chart markers

Orders & alerts

You can now see drafted, open and closed orders directly on the chart. Interact directly with the markers to change them by drag and drop, play/pause alerts etc. Many of the actions have useful shortcuts through the chart context menu as well (see the video for more details).

Tradedash interactive chart markers

Chart view preferences

Choose which markers and information you want visible on the chart. You can do so through the chart view preferences or in the right-click menu. View preferences are set per window so you can optimize each chart layout to best fit your needs.Tradedash chart preferences

Notification preferences

We’ve added more controls to your notifications. Control in-app notifications, desktop notifications, and sounds for different events. Your preferences are stored per device so you can choose different set-ups for different environments.

Tradedash notification preferences

Improved search

As more and more users are coming to us from different exchanges, we quickly realized that everyone has different search habits. That’s why we improved search mechanisms throughout the application to accept more dynamic input such as:

  • usdt-btc
  • usdtbtc
  • btcusdt
  • btc, usdt,
  • btc usdt

Tradedash improved search

Full release notes

This release was packed with new features. Below is a detailed list of whats included.

  • Added historical trades on chart (arrows)
  • Added historical trades on chart (prices and average prices by candle)
  • Added open orders to chart
  • Added ability to cancel open orders on chart
  • Added drafted limit orders to chart
  • Added drafted ladder orders to chart
  • Added drafted market orders to chart
  • Added drafted stop limit orders to chart
  • Added ability to adjust limit orders on chart
  • Added ability to adjust ladder order on chart
  • Added ability to adjust stop limit on chart
  • Added active alerts to chart
  • Added inactive alerts to chart
  • Added ability to change alerts on chart
  • Added ability to pause/play alerts on chart
  • Added view preferences for chart
  • Added notification preferences
  • Added highlighted background on the selected market in the sidebar
  • Added limit to 95 characters of template names to avoid hitting storage limit
  • Added encrypted notification preference settings on disk (encryption is not for security, its to know if the file has been corrupt)
  • Changed BE limit for template names from 15 to 100 characters
  • Changed settings page layout for easier navigation (a bit random though)
  • Changed portfolio tab to line up by base market
  • Changed to agg. trades for Binance for improved performance in high volume markets
  • Changed method of playing sounds for notifications for better cross-OS consistency
  • Changed header dropdowns to be on click instead of on hover
  • Changed auto update cleanup method to make sure saved layouts are only nuked once on update (sorry, we are still in beta)
  • Changed search criteria method. You can now search (ethbtc, btceth, etc-btc, btc-eth etc.)
  • Cleaned up versions of dependencies
  • Changed market layout for bottom drawer to include fills
  • Changed chart update timer to 500ms from 800ms
  • Changed to Bittrex production servers from beta servers (CF risk, connectivity reliability in Bittrex’s hands)
  • Fixed 900/901 pixel height responsive issue where some components showed twice
  • Fixed order highlighting for low priced markets on Bittrex (float issue)
  • Fixed scroll position issue on the portfolio page


Our links

As always, you can download Tradedash by visiting our website and get in touch with us via Discord or Telegram in case you have any questions.

Happy Trading!

4 thoughts on “2.2.0 Release: Interactive chart markers, notifications, search and more

      1. Hi Linus,
        For me, the biggest drawback and failure of crypto platforms is not being able to set a Stop Loss & Take Proffit order at the same time – and more complex order entries like OCO and Stop Limit + TTO. Its like fighting with one hand tied behind your back. Can this be performed on your platform – for example: Pending Stop Limit Buy order with a Trailing Stop Loss + Take Proffit ( Sell)?

      2. Hi Mark,

        We understand the value of such features and is something we are discussing for the future. Unfortunately, its not something you can do yet via Tradedash. Right now we have focused on the order types that the exchanges support directly.

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