2.3.0 Release: Vertical order books, scaled ladders, custom sounds and more

We exchange thousands of messages with users every month. Primarily because Tradedash is for its users, so it only makes sense for our users to steer the direction of the product. We compile all requests, prioritize and execute. This update was largely based on users request. Here are some highlights.

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Market page layout

No size fits all traders. That’s why we’ve made the market window more dynamic. You can choose between vertical or horizontal order books, show and hide columns, and see orders and holdings of other currencies and markets directly in the market window.

Order books

Tradedash 2.3.0 orderbooks


Vertical order books have been a long time request from our users. In addition, we’ve now synced the background colors for size across the books, added last price, spread, individual book pagination, and improved its performance.

If you prefer the traditional style of horizontal order books, simply hide the rightmost column in the market.


Order placement

We’ve revamped our order placement system to scale better towards future order types. This update included a lot of immediate improvements such as the ability to place orders in by specifying the total in the markets base currency.

Also, ladder trades can now be scaled both on quantity and trade size. Choose between 21 different combinations.


Custom sounds and alerts

Tradedash 2.3.0 alerts.png

There are many visual cues on screen at all time; shapes, colors, movement etc. Sometimes, we have the opportunity to utilize other senses such as sound.

Orders and alerts now have different sounds by default. Additionally, orders placed via the chart using >= or <= conditions have different sounds to indicate movement up or down.

You are now able to attach one of 10 custom sounds and add a 100 character note to any alert. As we support unlimited price alerts, this will help you act faster as they trigger.

Special thanks to Terje for producing these sounds for Tradedash. Also, thanks to our long-term supporter Mofef for introducing us to Terje!


Full release notes

Market layout

  • New: Choose vertical or horizontal order books
  • New: Expand a hidden market list by clicking the market name in the upper left corner of the window
  • New: See open orders from all markets, or just current market, directly in the market window
  • New: See closed orders from all markets (if you’ve opened them previously), or just the current market, directly in the market window
  • New: Select orders directly in the market window to see info such as average prices and sizes
  • New: See all wallets directly in the market window
  • Removed: Open orders widget on the right side of the market

Order books

  • New: Order books displayed vertically by default (horizontal still available)
  • New: Order books are paginated per side
  • New: Order books row backgrounds are synced based on the size of both bid and ask synced up to the page the user navigates to
  • New: Order books number of rows dynamic to the height of the application
  • New: See the last price in large and spread in vertical order books
  • Improved: Performance of order books


  • New: Default alert sound and default order event sounds are now different


  • New: Choose between 10 custom sounds per alert
  • New: Add a note with up to 100 characters per alert
  • New: We automatically assign a different sound for alerts of >= vs. <= created via the chart


  • New: Place orders by base currency (total)
  • New: Enter any % for total or size to define exactly how much you want to trade with
  • New: “Skip confirmation screen” (be warned!)
  • New: “Clear values after placed order”
  • New: Change values in inputs by clicking arrows up and down to nudge price or %
  • New: Explicit unlock icon for % scales. Unlock to change values
  • New: Choose ladder scale for the price between 7 options
  • New: Choose ladder scale for the quantity between 3 options
  • New: Can now choose quantity by % for buy side of market orders
  • Changed: Ladder – Price A does not have to be higher than price B
  • Changed: Under-laying order system for placing orders


  • New: Right click for copy paste added
  • New: Paste buttons added next to exchange API key inputs
  • Fixed: Open markets are now remembered if quitting TD while in the tray (Windows)

Our links

As always, you can download Tradedash by visiting our website and get in touch with us via Discord or Telegram in case you have any questions.

Happy Trading!

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