2.3.1 Release: Rearrange markets, improved wallet estimates and simplified order components

We’ve focused on a few key improvements based on feedback from our previously very large update. Here are a couple of highlights.

Tradedash 2.3.1 Binance ADA ETH.png

Drag and drop to rearrange markets

It’s important for traders to have a flexible dashboard that can be arranged for their needs. In addition to supporting unlimited open windows and custom layouts, traders can now arrange markets in their preferred order.

Tradedash moving markets.gif

Accurate wallet estimates and faster order placement

We’ve invested in simplifying order placement while we introduce more complex order types. In the following example, you can see how wallet data is accurately represented even when converted to other currencies. The example also highlights a flexible locking mechanism that allows you to dynamically adjust values directly from the chart or input fields.

Tradedash wallet estimations.gif

There are a lot of new features in the last couple of releases. Stay in touch and let us know how they work for you.

Full release notes

  • New: Drag and drop to rearrange markets on left side
  • New: Choose how many rows per order book. “Auto” is optimal for good performance.
  • New: Combined old size picker with new to keep buttons and input as a slider
  • Improved: Refined logic for size pickers (in %) for orders types for better accuracy
  • Improved: Simplified size pickers for total and size
  • Improved: Can now type 0’s in order inputs
  • Improved: Added case to recover from lost user data from Binance
  • Improved: Auto update cleanup methods to ensure updates can’t freeze windows
  • Improved: Changed arrows for nudging price, size and total to use minimum possible values for its market
  • Fixed: Linux saving window configurations on quit
  • Fixed: Price data on partially filled orders that become filled orders are now correctly updated

Download the latest version of Tradedash here

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Happy Trading!

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