2.3.2 Release: Quicker charts, default templates, custom chart styles and more

Some users change markets as often as 20 times per minute. Therefore, we set out a goal to have charts load in less than 1 second at any given time. By creating an on-device storage for your chart drawings coupled with other improvements, we’ve cut down the load time by 50-90%. Any chart that has been loaded in the last 2 minutes will load again almost instantly.

Opening charts

Charts now load faster and more reliably. How fast they load depends on how close you are to Bittrex or Binance’s servers. They are hosted on Microsoft and Amazon servers respectively with a global reach. Everything else happens on your computer for optimal performance.

Chart styles and default templates

Customize your charts and create templates that are applied to all your existing and new markets automatically.

Favorite tools and timeframes

Save timeframes and tools as favorites for quicker access. The favorite toolbar is also available in chart full-screen mode.

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 10.14.57 AM.png

Dragging orders change the quantity, not total

Although this is a small change, it’s one worthy to call out. We now change the quantity, not total, when moving order markers on the chart. This has been a common request since we added the ability to enter an order in total.

Simpler default with advanced options available

We’ve added a lot of layout options, and while they all have a purpose we want to keep the default trading experience simpler. That is why we will be hiding vertical order books and the list of the markets by default. You can always add them in the drop-down menu as illustrated below.

Tradedash 2.3.2 release.png


Full release notes

  • New: On-device storage for charts (faster chart loading). Syncs with our servers for cross-device usage
  • New: Chart style preferences saved and applied on all charts
  • New: Default templates! Can be set in the template menu and when creating a new template
  • New: Add timeframes and tools to favorites on charts
  • New: Favorite tools toolbar visible in chart full-screen mode
  • New: More granular options to delete data if chart drawings are broken
  • Changed: Simplified default layout options. The vertical book and market list still available to set as visible
  • Improved: Dragging order markers on the chart now adjusts quantity, not total
  • Improved: Chart reliability and load speed
  • Improved: Order markers on charts display more reliably
  • Improved: Decreased load speed for the list of markets on + screen
  • Fixed: Save state of multiple windows on quit and restart
  • Fixed: Ask price visualization on the chart to show the correct price
  • Fixed: Panning backward was showing gaps in candles due to Binance changes
  • Fixed: Removed technical race conditions causing the chart to freeze on slower internet connections
  • Fixed: Notifications settings bug where settings were not changing


Download the latest version of Tradedash here

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Happy Trading!

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