Server upgrade completed

We’ve successfully migrated to a new hosting solution, thank you for your patience. The main driver behind this change is because our previous provider had continuous downtimes, and we needed a more reliable solution to best serve our users.

With this upgrade, you will also notice a few changes in the application:

  1. You can now copy a URL to any market and share with other people. The URL will open Tradedash and the appropriate market as needed.
  2. USDC, USDS, PAX and other stable coins now show up in balances.
  3. News is no longer available. Our news collection service wasn’t our strongest side, and it’s rarely used by our users. We will be sad to see our TouchBar feature go.
  4. Chart drawings are deleted as they are now versioned with the latest version of TradingView. We’ve had a high report of issues since the upgrade from TV 1.12 to 1.13, and took this measure to avoid future issues.

It may take a few hours for our new DNS records to propagate. That means that you may be unable to sign in depending on where in the world you live. Please allow for up to ~24 hours.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Server upgrade completed

  1. Is any chance that you’ll add alerts for indicators (RSI, MACDI etc) and synchronise them with close/open order?

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