Tradedash is not starting on Linux

A: Make sure it’s set to executable

Through the UI:

  1. Find the AppImage file
  2. Right click and select properties
  3. Click the permissions tab
  4. Select “Allow executing file as program” or similar
  5. Close the properties pop-up and double click the AppImage file

Through the terminal

  1. Navigate to the folder where the AppImage is located using cd
  2. Type chmod u+x <filename>
  3. Run the app using ./<filename>

B: The app still does not start, or says just “App starting…”

  1. Downlaod the latest version from
  2. Run rm ~/.local/share/applications/appimagekid-tradedash.desktop
  3. Run rm ~/.local/share/applications/tradedash.desktop
  4. Run pgrep tradedash to list any active processes. If it shows ID’s, run kill <id> and then pgrep tradedash again to ensure they are no longer active.
  5. Run rm -rf ~/.config/Tradedash
  6. Follow steps in A above to start the new version you just downloaded